Sunday November 11, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


ENNESBY: Sir, our delays in storming Imo's central bay have provided you with an advantage.

All the enemy combatants are stationed in that room.  You now have a target rich environment.

You're outnumbered ten-to-one, but they have improvised weapons while you're in full kit and have all their positions.

TAGON: What about the hostage?

ENNESBY: Danita is alive, and strapped to the front of a mining rig.

TAGON: Got it.  Schlock, up the middle.  Doc and Tailor, go right.  I'll go left.  Pi, I need you to sharp-shoot the driver of the mining rig without hitting the hostage.

Ennesby will pinpoint targets and paint them on your HUDs.

TAILOR: Sir, you and Pi both have pauldron cannons with S.I. drivers.  Might I suggest you set them for full autonomy?

TAGON: I thought that was how I had them set.

TAILOR: Not if they're still attached to your shoulders.

NARRATOR: Ten seconds later, in Station Imo's central engineering bay...


TAILOR: See?  Paul-drones!

TAGON: Who is paul?

SCHLOCK: I need shoulders.