Friday January 4, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part I: Breath and Business

Note: The "lift-breath" in question is molecular hydrogen, H2, which is extremely flammable in oxygen environments. The evolutionary path that led the Oafa (oh-ah-fah) to become, essentially, explosive blimps, is a fascinating one involving a metal-rich water world, acidic tentacles, tasty jellyfish, and a happy accident allowing escape from the appetites of everything that cannot fly.


Oafa: I require medical care.  Lift-breath is gone.

GEN. TAGON: Nick!  Get me some... I don't know.  Duct tape and helium?

Unknown: Please.  If you want the Oafa to talk funny, just mess with her commbox.

Also, keep your home remedies away from my patient.