Thursday January 31, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part I: Breath and Business


KATHRYN: Remember when Captain Tagon and his team bailed on us?  I was only supposed to be their ride to the shipyard.

I dropped 'em off, got the bus tuned up and refueled, and then some stragglers from Tagon's company pulled in.

They commandeered the bus at gunpoint, accelerated at full power all the way to Jupiter's trojans, and then pulled a fancy teraport insertion, dropping us into combat, and using the mass of the bus for deceleration.

TREVOR: That sounds awesome.

KATHRYN: They stole my clothing.  I was wearing a hospital gown in a combat zone!

GEN. TAGON: My head was in a jar, and she still made a good impression.