Sunday January 13, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part I: Breath and Business


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, at the Parnassus Dom shipyard near the galactic core...

PETEY: She took a real pounding.

TAGON: We rammed a battleplate.

PETEY: She soaked up fire from point defenses on the way in, on the way through, and even on the way back out.

TAGON: I was there for that.  How long to fix her?

PETEY: Your A.I. ran the annies too hot.  She pretty much gutted them keeping your shields up.

TAGON: You're trying to soften me up for the bad news.  Stop it.

PETEY: Neither of your primary annies will deliver more than ten percent of their rated output.

TAGON: So the news is really bad.  Let's hear it.

PETEY: Adding insult to injury, a lot of energy still got through.  The hull is denatured in key points, amorphous layers have crystallized, crystalline layers have softened...

PETEY: And then there's the fact that the entire A.I. bus is gone.

TAGON: I'm sorry.  When I said "Let's hear it" I meant *shouting* "TELL ME HOW MUCH IT WILL COST AND HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE."

PETEY: It will cost the price of a new ship, and it will take as long as it takes you to go shopping.

TAGON: Yes, but how much to fix it?

PETEY: You're using the word "fix."  In this context, you want the word "recycle."