Sunday June 9, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Bristlecone...

ENNESBY: Camera five imaged a "fuzzy" patch on a support cable.  The xeno-team is veering twenty klicks down-East for a closer look.

Also, I've copied a portion of the Prabstdi files over to Bristlecone.  Cross-referencing, contextualizing, and interpreting is too big a job for me to do alone.

TAGON: Thanks for the update.

TAGON: Wait... "xeno-team?"

ENNESBY: They're doing our xenobiological sampling, and every member of that team is an alien to every other member of that team.

TAGON: Amorph, unioc, neorilla, frellenti, fobott'r, human...

... and human.  It doesn't work.  Nicholson and Murtaugh are both humans.

ENNESBY: Murtaugh doesn't count.  Or if you want to shoehorn it, she's new, and she's from a different military tradition, so she's still an alien to Nick.

NARRATOR: Dropping down-east, approaching "fuzzy" patch...

EBBY: Sarge, Ennesby just named our team for us.

"XENO."  Because we're all alien to each other.

SCHLOCK: We are?

SCHLOCK: Oh.  We are.  I mean, I know we're all different, but I never really thought about any of you that way.

M'CONGER: I may have to forgive you for the "Kong" thing.

SCHLOCK: That syllable is still right in the middle of your name.

M'CONGER: May have to.