Sunday May 26, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Bristlecone, Company Mess...

MURTAUGH: This mess hasn't seen a meal this good in a long time.  Good work you two.

CH'VORTHQ: "If the food is good enough, the grunts will stop complaining about the incoming fire."

LIZ: Shiny.

MURTAUGH: It's the least I can offer for a job well done and expectations exceeded.

LIZ: Wow.  Even knowing how it works, it's working on me.  That's pretty impressive.

MURTAUGH: Knowing how what works?

LIZ: The presentation of a challenge coin.  It's an extension of personal influence beyond extant position power.

MURTAUGH: It's not a power-grab.  It's a way to say thank you.

LIZ: "Thank you" is also an extension of influence, but the effect of mere words will fade in the absence of the repeating effect of a memento.

When you presented this to me I felt my own sense of worth go up, I felt an increase in my loyalty to you, and those feelings will be reinforced every time I admire this coin.

LIZ: I can see why this meme thrives in high-stakes, top-down organizational structures.

MURTAUGH: You can ruin a thing by looking at it too closely.

LIZ: If a close look ruins a thing, the thing was already broken.

CH'VORTHQ: Hey, this side says "The company mess and friendly fire should be easier to tell apart."