Sunday June 16, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


EBBY: Murtaugh, help me with samples of this muck.  Sergeant Schlock, we need a perimeter.

SCHLOCK: Got it.

SCHLOCK: Nick and Andy, up and twelve!  Watch those bugs!  Legs three, Mac nine!  I've got six and high.

MURTAUGH: Oh, did M'Conger agree to a nickname?

EBBY: You were napping.

EBBY: We can barely agree on names for ourselves.  I don't know what hope we have of taxonomy here.

EBBY: Anyway, here's a sample of "Slimy Cablemoss."

EBBY: Now... any suggestions for obtaining a sample of one of those?

MURTAUGH: How did your Xenobiology teachers grab samples from dangerous wildlife?

EBBY: Officially?  Biopsy boomerang darts.  We seem to be fresh out.

MURTAUGH: Unofficially?

EBBY: They paid people to shoot things and bring back the pieces.

MURTAUGH: Science sounds messy.

SCHLOCK: Science sounds awesome.