Sunday August 11, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Bristlecone, cargo hold...

TAGON: Time... there's just no time.

TAGON: If we're going to run a rescue operation into the spindle, we need to hurry.

TAGON: You.  You are weird and maybe crazy, and I don't know where your incentives are.

BRISTLECONE: Well, for starters I—

TAGON: *interrupting* STOP.

TAGON: Don't explain.  It will take less time to wipe you and start over than it will take for you to tell me a robo-life story that will actually get me to trust you.

BRISTLECONE: I talk fast.

TAGON: I trust slow.

TAGON: So we're stuck with each other, and lives depend on us sticking together, sticking on task, and sticking the landing.

TAGON: Kevyn, you and Bristlecone figure out how to get us into the spindle.

Are there gaps in the new TAD?  Can we use that shaft again?  Where's the best place to cut a hole?  Work all the angles, and be quick about it.

TAGON: Dad.  Your crew... some of 'em are former intel analysts, right?

GEN. TAGON: They are.

TAGON: Put Kathryn in charge, and give them access to every scrap of data we've got.  Again, all the angles.  Make sure she's in the loop with Kevyn and Bristlecone.

TAGON: Bristlecone.  That earpiece you gave Cox'n Ventura... I want to be putting it in my own ear by the time I get to the Command Deck.

BRISTLECONE: You knew about that?

TAGON: I guessed.  Now I know about it.