Sunday April 6, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence

Note: "PlutRes" is a shorthand for "Plutorliament Resolution." The United Nations of Sol Plutorliament is a body of legislators representing the plutocracy. The seats are auctioned and sold, with the purchase price going directly into budgetary coffers. If you, fair reader, make a median sort of 21st-century income, you could earn enough money to buy a seat on the Plutorliament in about as many lifetimes as it took your ancestors to make it from the trees to the seat you're currently in. 


MURTAUGH: *shouting* Ennesby!

ENNESBY: On it already, Captain.  Short version, this is a deal we can't refuse.

MURTAUGH: The long version?

ENNESBY: PlutRes 329.6, subchapter f, section 3 is forty-two-hundred words of fine-tuned legalese.

MURTAUGH: Medium-sized, then.

ENNESBY: At their sole discretion, U.N.S. authorities like General Bala-Amin may assign cultural attachés to embassies.  Rejection of the attaché results in revocation of the Writ of Diplomatic Immunity.

MURTAUGH: So if I send Lieutenant Sorlie packing, General Bala-Amin walks out of here with at least four members of my crew in her custody.

ENNESBY: Correct.

MURTAUGH: Tempting...

MURTAUGH: Sergeant Schlock, escort Lieutenant Sorlie to Guest Berth One.

MURTAUGH: Welcome aboard, Lieutenant.  Grab your go-bag and follow the Sergeant, if you'd please.

SORLIE: It's just me.  I haven't packed for a drop in years.

BALA-AMIN: What the Lieutenant means to say is "As an officer, I delegate those details to others."

BALA-AMIN: Your bag, Lieutenant.

SORLIE: I've never delegated anything up to a General before.

BALA-AMIN: You're young.  Give it time.