Sunday April 13, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence


NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity, VIP Berth...

BUNNI: How are you feeling today, Meld-minister?

MAIA: Quite well, Doctor.  And please, just call me Maia.

BUNNI: So the personality of Maiamumla Well-flesher is still at the fore?

MAIA: You really are worried about me, aren't you?

BUNNI: You have three sets of memories, Maia.  Humans have historically suffered from severe mental breaks trying to do what you're doing.

MAIA: Doctor, the ribbon of ancient Oafan memories I've absorbed is just a partial personality.  You should think of Anuaiyya's memories as a journal I recall reading.

BUNNI: Yes, but you've also got a slice of hive-mind in there, and it's connected to an active hypernode.

MAIA: The hive-mind of Utchi-Skafatka is not unlike if you had one of those bone-phone things, always listening, and sometimes offering advice.

BUNNI: So, "annoying."

MAIA: Utchi would like me to remind you that she is always listening, and that she is among the only natural heirs to the vast wealth Anuaiyya's people left behind.

BUNNI: Noted.  But that does raise a pertinent question:

Could you have chosen not to relay that message?

MAIA: We'll never know, because that's not what I chose.