Sunday April 20, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part I: Confidence

Note: When Kevyn Andreyasn invented the Teraport nobody, least of all Kevyn himself, knew that what he was inventing had been invented and widely deployed before. Its modern rebirth and escape from Gatekeeper suppression started countless small wars, and finished one very large one. 

Galactic society has, at present, only had Teraport technology for a few years. Mounting evidence suggests that at least one prior galactic society had access to this technology millions of years ago, and used it for hundreds of thousands of years. Indications that they abandoned it and suppressed it before dying out completely are the sort of disturbing line-items ignored by right-thinking folks who like to sleep well at night.


NARRATOR: Neosynchronicity, Ops Nook...

TREVOR: Boom!  Locked in and locked down.

KATHRYN: That's a promising noise, Trevor.

Did you find them where Captain Andreyasn said they'd be?

TREVOR: Well, yes, but all he knew was that they were working as envoys on one of the Dom Atlantis floaters.

TREVOR: I've got their official schedule, ancillary contact information and a three-sigma plot for where to find them at any given time during our visit.

And before you ask, no, my hyperhounds are not going to be traced back to us.

Anybody who is monitoring this will see an enthusiastic post-graduate student hoping to schedule interviews for a thesis on the modern rebirth of teraport technology.

KATHRYN: Nice.  What about access?

TREVOR: With diplomatic credentials?  There's nowhere in their travel cloud we can't go.

TREVOR: As soon as we drop Xeno Team, the Sergeant can make his merry way to any one of these locations and do his thing.

Whatever "his thing" is.

KATHRYN: "His thing" is one of those "the less you know about it the happier you'll be" kind of things.

TREVOR: I'm unhappy just knowing those things exist.