Sunday December 13, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: The mercenary warship Broken Wind closes on BFC-618-014...

KATHRYN: The "BFC" stands for "Buuthandi Fragment Catalog," and there are far too many fragments to bother giving them all names.

This "scrap" of buuthandi fabric is 19,100 kilometers across, and has just one habitat in tow.

The habitat still has full power, rotating to provide gravity at 61% of Earth's. This hab has no annie plants, and we haven't identified any weapons-grade power signatures.

KATHRYN: There may be as many as 5,000 F'Sherl-Ganni aboard. We can relocate them, if that's what they want. Their archive is somewhere in there, and if we're nice, they'll let us look at it.

TAGON: How can that torn piece of Dyson balloon actually function as a proper sail?

Star-sails are complicated.

KATHRYN: Buuthandi fabric is crazy-cool stuff.

KEVYN: Is that analyst-speak for "I don't know, maybe it's magic?"

CDRE TAGON: What I heard was "I didn't think it was mission-critical, so I didn't study it, but I can get more information if you want me to, sir."

THURL: That exchange wasn't what we had in mind when we stressed clarity of communication in the training materials.

CDRE TAGON: Then you should have been clearer.