Sunday November 29, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: Aboard the Broken Wind...

CDRE TAGON: Kathryn, you're a good officer, you're smart, and you're shrewd.

You wouldn't inform me of a problem with our training plans unless you had a solution to propose.

KATHRYN: You're pretty shrewd yourself, sir, but if I'd planned this more carefully, I would have described the solution before pointing out the problem.

CDRE TAGON: Out with it.

KATHRYN: You were right. The solution is to re-train everybody.

KATHRYN: Fortunately, we do not need to start from scratch.

KATHRYN: We're reviewing our charter, our policy books, and all of our manuals, and editing them for consistency.

Then we'll build our trainings around the changes, which we're keeping to a minimum.

CDRE TAGON: That's got to be a million words' worth of material. How can you possibly be ready to start training tomorrow?

KATHRYN: Ennesby offered his services. He's fast, and he is anxious to please the senior officers.

Besides, as our new legal counsel, Ennesby would have been reviewing these materials anyway.

CDRE TAGON: What? Why do we need new legal counsel? What happened to Massey?

CDRE TAGON: You just presented the solution before describing the problem.

KATHRYN: It seemed prudent.

Also, that procedure is going into the new manual.