Thursday November 15, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part I: Through The Ages


Narrator:We interrupt this quest for a tender fare-thee-well...
Breya:It's time for me to go, now, schlock.
Breya:Thank you for saving my life back there. Even though you did have to rip my head off to do it. You're a good friend, and I know that someday you...
Schlock:Stop right there, please.
Schlock:I really don't want you to tell me that someday I'll find someone else, someone right for me.
Breya:I didn't realize you were this bitter. I'm sorry.
Ennesby:He's not bitter. He's afraid of explaining that he only has eyes for you.
Schlock:Pardon me while I give the talking maraca a good rattle.