Tuesday January 14, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part IV: Tempestuous Fugitives


Xinchub:Captain Tagon, you have blackmailed the U.N.S. twice in recent months.
Xinchub:We paid you off the first time because we did not want you and your giant warship making trouble in Sol system.
Xinchub:We paid you the second time because we hoped the money would keep your mouth shut.
Xinchub:Now your giant warship is gone, and it occurs to me that we can shut your mouth very permanently without spending very much money at all.
Tagon:You're right, General. My price is very low, now. In fact, I'll shut my mouth for free.
Xinchub:But will you pay us for the privilege of being able to breathe at the same time?