Sunday February 16, 2003

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part V: Might Makes Right-of-Way


Narrator:The mercenary transport Serial Peacemaker is readied for departure from Sol system. . .
Ennesby:All four annie plants are back on-line, sir.
Tagon:Have you run a headcount yet?
Ennesby:All officers and crew are aboard, except for Commander Doythaban.
Tagon:I wish there'd been some way to keep him out of the hands of the U.N.S. military.
Ennesby:We're all going to miss him, Captain.
Ennesby:I still owe him about a dozen more checkmates.
Tagon:Hey, you've been upgraded enough that you could probably take on Petey and win.
Tagon:*sigh* ...

I miss Petey, too.

Tagon:And not just because he was a giant warship.
Ennesby:Giant? Yes. Big enough to get us out of this mess? No.
Tagon:You're right. Even he couldn't have stood up to the Tunguska. They'd have still been able to threaten us with destruction in order to arrest Doythaban.
Ennesby:Well, yeah. That too.
Tagon:When you said "This mess," Did you mean a new mess?
Ennesby:I think it's more like an extension of the old mess.
Ennesby:The Tunguska has us tractor-bubbled. I could try to bust through, but they could easily gravy us before we got clear.
Ennesby:The good news is they haven't opened fire yet.
Tagon:I need to talk to Kevyn about this new hardware of yours. I liked the puns better than the optimism.