Sunday February 23, 2003

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part V: Might Makes Right-of-Way


Narrator:As power is returned to its interior lighting system, the Serial Peacemaker is boarded, but not by armored soldiers. . .
Tagon:Doythaban! You're back!
Schlock:But look what he brought with him. . .
Tagon:What happened to your head?
DoytHaban:Remember how worried we were about security problems in my brains? Well, we were right.
Xinchub:I must say, delving into the data dump from Doythaban was delightful.
Ennesby:And assonant, it would seem.
Tagon:There's no call for that kind of language.
Xinchub:The crimes we uncovered. . . I can only compare our elation to that of a forensic historian uncovering the library of Sodom and Gonorrhea.
Ennesby:Archeo-gynecologists everywhere are reveling in that choice simile.
Bunni:Eew, and Eeeew.
Xinchub:So. . . You must be the wise-cracking artificial intelligence they call "Ennesby."
Xinchub:Doythaban certainly had some dirt on you. Apparently your maker licensed you as an H-V Level 4, but you spec'd out at a 6.
Xinchub:It is with completely feigned regret that I present you with an official revocation of that license, I'm afraid we'll have to take you apart.
Ennesby:Actually, the text here says that I'm being awarded a Level 6 license, with non-dependant citizen status, and a hardware stipend.
Xinchub:Give me that.
Tagon:What's the matter, General? Did somebody steal your cheerios and pee on your thunder?
Schlock:Mmm. . . Breakfast in the rain.
Bunni:And eeeew!