Saturday February 22, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part V: Might Makes Right-of-Way


Schlock:You were in the infantry, Captain?
Tagon:On Celeschul. I served four years, and I did a tour with the Oatmeal Peacekeepers during the Terraforming War.
Tagon:I opted out after the tour for a Middy's berth on a Light Frigate. Saw a little action there, and then jumped at the chance to own my own outfit.
Tagon:Celeschul System Reservists' Corps had a shipsteading program that got me set up as a merchanter-at-arms. After my mandatory ten years in the reserves, they dropped my active status and I traded up to a mercenary cruiser.
Schlock:Oatmeal Peacekeepers?
Tagon:Oh, look. The boarders are opening the airlock.