Wednesday February 19, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part V: Might Makes Right-of-Way


Tagon:Armor Platoons, suit up! I want tanks and mini-tanks ready in 30 seconds!
Ennesby:Captain, all weapon and drive systems just powered down on their own.
UNS-Tunguska-Crew:Attention! You are about to be boarded by armed representatives of the Security Council of the United Nations of Sol, do not resist this action!
UNS-Tunguska-Crew:Teraport impedance systems are in effect! This message is being cast and amplified via gravitic transduction of the interior surfaces of your ship! If we wanted to, we could transmit a lot more energy than this.
UNS-Tunguska-Crew:So you see, resistance really is futile.
Tagon:I hate being helpless.
Ennesby:I hate showoffs.