Saturday June 14, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management
Part III: Board of Accidental Tourism


Bunni:Theo, love, I'm sorry. I've been teasing you. I looked at the beast's brain before Ch'vorthq cooked it, and it was very simple.
Bunni:Neither the brain size nor its ratio to body size is an indicator of intelligence.
Bunni:It's the complexity that matters. Language, art, poetry, tool-use. . . The hallmarks of sentience depend on intricate structures not present in the brain I examined.
Bunni:That pseudo-whale was probably no more intelligent than Earth's dolphins.
Bunni:I mean, before they were genehanced, and got into the United Nations.
Whaleling Mum:<Where's your little brother? It's time to start.>
Whaleling Sproggen 2:<He went up to the beach for some snacks. We can have poetry night without him.>