Sunday June 15, 2003

Book 3: Under New Management
Part III: Board of Accidental Tourism


Narrator:The mercenary ship Serial Peacemaker is hidden beneath the beach sand of an unexplored world. Her mission. . . Lie low.
Narrator:The mercenaries themselves can teraport in and out securely, and the beach above the ship implies the presence of a shore.
Narrator:This in turn implies shore leave. Ah, the perils of grunt logic.
Tagon:Fine. Stay in groups of four or more, keep your armor on, and stay in touch with the ship. Now get outta here.
Nick:Ooh, dis beach. . . dis jungle. . . Its a perfect place for bucc'neers!
Nick:Or mebbe a lost city o' gold!
Schlock:Nick, Ennesby said there was no sign of intelligent life on this planet.
Legs:Actually, what he said was that there were no radio transmissions.
Nick:Yeah! Mebbe da pirates got caught inna storm, an' der radio got broken!
Legs:Yeah, Nick. Good point. And maybe their magical flying schooner broke a mast, and they had to lighten their load by burying their hoard of treasure here in the jungle.
Nick:Yeah! We should go look for it!!
Legs:Um. . . That's. . . oh, never mind.
Schlock:His skull is impervious to your sarcasm.