Sunday June 22, 2003

Book 3: Under New Management
Part III: Board of Accidental Tourism


Narrator:Following the stone-age map, Sergeant Schlock's squad reaches the spot marked by the engraved 'X.'
Schlock:We're here! Let's land and look around.
Nick:Der's bones everywhere. Dem pirates musta killed each other over da treasure...
Nick:Well, I'm gonna start diggin'.
Legs:Sarge... These bones... Do they remind you of anything?
Schlock:No. They just look boney.
Schlock:Of course, just 'cause I don't have bones of my own doesn't mean I can't do some anatomy.
Schlock:These long ones are from arms or legs. That's gotta be a skull. And the x-shaped thing must be like ribs.
Schlock:X-shaped. Ribs. Hmmm...
Legs:X marks the spot.
Schlock:The spot is a sacred burial ground?
Legs:Or maybe a sacred Barbecue pit.
Nick:Oooh, pretty. Giant flowers!