Sunday April 11, 2004

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part I: Hand to Mouth


Narrator:The mercenary fleet under Tagon's command enters orbit over Yoming.
Schlock:We're here! On your feet boys! It's time to earn your pay!
Kerchak:You heard the Sergeant, troops! It's time to go pull some fat-cat's fat outta the fire.
Redhead UNS Sergeant:I'm gonna enjoy stickin' perps to the walls, Captain.
Ennesby:Captain, I'm unable to raise our employer on the comm.
Tagon:We're in orbit over the coordinates he sent, right?
Ennesby:It's just after dark down there so clear imaging is taking a little longer. There's an IR point-source fouling the low-light sensors.
Ennesby:Oh. Hmmm. . .
Ennesby:That can't be good.
Tagon:What? What can't be good?
Ennesby:The point-source is where our employer's building should be.
Tagon:The rioters got there early?
Ennesby:Ummm. . . no. Your garden-variety rioter doesn't leave glowing craters.