Sunday April 18, 2004

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part I: Hand to Mouth


Narrator:There are two high-ranking prisoners deep in the brig of the Athens.
Jevee Ceeta:Believe what you want, General, but I was loyal to you to the very last.
Narrator:One is Colonel Jevee Ceeta, a one-time bounty hunter called back into the military to hunt down the very ship in whose brig she currently sits.
Narrator:The other is General Levaughn Matsui Xinchub the U.N.S. Officer who reactivated Colonel Ceeta and sent her out looking for the Athens.
Xinchub:"The last..." Was that the part before or after you tried to convince Tagon you'd planned the destruction of my ship?
Jevee Ceeta:I was trying to get back into Tagon's good graces so maybe one of us would be on the outside of this brig.
Jevee Ceeta:You know, the side where they keep keys, comms and maybe even a working terashuttle?
Xinchub:Fine. You've spent more time with these mercenaries than I have. What do we need to offer our guards in order to suborn them?
Jevee Ceeta:Right now they all think Captain Tagon walks on water. They won't cross him for anything.
Jevee Ceeta:We'll have to wait until he drops his next op into the crapper. Then maybe an offer of cash and amnesty will start to look good.
Xinchub:Provided we don't get dropped in the crapp, too.
Tagon:Hey, good news you two. I've decided not to kill you today.
Xinchub:Oh. Hello, Tagon. How can not dying be good news when you haven't changed our menu in here for three weeks?
Tagon:Because I'm letting you go.
Jevee Ceeta:Letting us go? Just like that? You're kidding me.
Tagon:Well, I'm not so much "Letting you go" as "Selling you into slavery."
Xinchub:I smell a crapper-drop