Sunday January 7, 2007

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Narrator:Captain Tagon and his Toughs are launching an all-out surprise attack using every weapon at their disposal.
Narrator:One thousand, six hundred and fifteen teraport=enabled smart-missiles (A.K.A. "terapedoes") lead the charge.
Narrator:The target vessel's teraport interdiction is active but overwhelmed. Three hundred terapedoes survive the jump.
Narrator:They surround the target vessel and race inward at point-six cee.
Narrator:The target vessel launches anti-missile munitions and starts to run.
Narrator:Less than three seconds have transpired since the initial the initial teraport. With the target on the run, the Mercenary Warship Touch-And-Go 'ports in just outside the now-very-hot interdiction zone, along with a squadron of armor.
Narrator:The terapedoes are thinned by countermeasures, but sixty-two of them close to breach the target's shields.
Narrator:Much like sperm cells in human reproductive tracts, the first one through will get to be very special.
Narrator:Terapedo number nine-seven-seven breaches the target shields first, jinks through turret fire, and delivers its payload. . .
Narrator:. . . A high-energy radio transmission.
TAG:Surrender or be destroyed!
Narrator:And in the spirit of taking analogies too far, this is followed by a pregnant pause.