Sunday January 21, 2007

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Narrator:Captain Tagon's infantry, under the leadership of Commander Ellen "Elf" Foxworthy, has been busy. . .
Elf:Okay, Sir, that completes sweep number. . . Five? Six? I forget.
Elf:I asked Pronto how he would booby-trap an abandoned ship and he dug around for about five hours on his own.
Captain Tagon:Did he find anything?
Elf:No, but if we want to turn this sip into a derelict deathtrap that makes the history books, Pronto has a shopping list.
Kevyn:Ummm. . . Tell him "No thank you."
Elf:I did. He said he has another shopping list for getting us news coverage and favorable mention in Industry magazines.
Captain Tagon:Kevyn, under no circumstances is Pronto to be allowed anywhere near the fabbers.
Kevyn:I already rigged 'em to shut down the moment he walks into the room, Captain.
Captain Tagon:Good thinking.
Kevyn:They've been that way ever since I showed him how to use antimatter cutting charges.