Tuesday January 16, 2007
Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part IV: Do You Mind if I Rewind?


Elf:Ell-Zee secure, no resistance.
Captain Tagon:You look nervous.
Elf:We've breached an arterial corridor. Ennesby, can you clear this for us?
Ennesby:Aye-aye. Stand back
Captain Tagon:Do you want to take a moment and remind your new girlfriend to be careful?
Elf:That's gonna leave a mark.
Kevyn:I don't want her to be careful. I want her to be thorough.
Ennesby:Careful, Commander. That floor might still be a little soft.
Captain Tagon:I don't think she needs to be told that.
Schlock:Why do they get to soften all the deck plates?