Saturday November 15, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part IV: Fuller's Soap


Narrator:En route to Southport. . .
Lota:Mistress Ventura. . . Lota believes you should be concerned about the F3C separatists.
Para Ventura:Really? The last I heard they were mostly hick activists.
Lota:Yes, but Lota's scanning of Credomar information systems shows them to be the only party motivated to destroy Lota's cargo.
Para Ventura:Lota. . . Has Lota been hacking?
Lota:Perhaps a little.
Para Ventura:I didn't design Lota for information warfare.
Lota:You should not have given Lota parallel hypernodes with icewalls if you did not want Lota to use them.