Wednesday December 12, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
Note: One may wonder what uses are found for gasoline, a messy source of chemical energy, in an economy where far more advanced power sources are widely available.

Contextually, it would appear to have at least anecdotal use in relation to cats. Someone hand me a match...


Kevyn: Petey located a topologically remote site for us to set the transport down. He'll 'port the transport to a location about 100 meters above the site, and then you land us.
Brad: Why don't I just fly us in normally?
Kevyn: Normally. . . You mean screaming through the atmosphere like a trebuchet-launched, gasoline-drenched cat? Knocking down trees and rattling the ground with mach-blasted thunder? Convincing the low-tech natives that we're either gods or devils, and inviting any station-dwelling paranoids in orbit to shoot at us?
SFX: Whooshh
Brad: Well, when you put it that way. . .