Sunday December 16, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: High in the crags of an ancient range of mountains, our heroes have f ound the last members of a dying alien race. This can mean only one thing... It's time for some serious plot exposition.
Rod: We were the first intelligent life to evolve here. Our civilization was grand, but fell a long, long time ago.
Rod: We changed our biosphere, and it wasn't long before all that could live in it was us, and the things that we built.
Rod: They are our only children, now. They have rightfully inherited this world, and we welcome them to it.
Kevyn: Who are your children? Who are you talking about?
Rod: Why, the amorphs, of course. Like your friend here.
Schlock: You mean I'm artificial? I'm like... like...
Ennesby: Like me?
Schlock: Kill me now.
Rod: 'Your kind began as self-repairing distributed storage systems for our supercomputers.'
Rod: 'When the cities fell, some of you survived, and changed just enough to continue to survive and evolve.'
Rod: You are now at least a million generations removed from anything we created.
Kevyn: You created? You don't mean you personally, do you?
Rod: Me personally? What do you think I look like? Some kind of an engineer?
Kevyn: Actually, What I thought was that you looked really, really old.
Rod: Heh... You youngsters, are always so cute with your little accidental insults.
Rod: No, I didn't create you. Engineers did. I created something far more powerful... The marketing campaign that made you profitable.
Narrator: So he's not schlock's grandfather. He's more like a crazy uncle.