Wednesday December 26, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Kevyn: Schlock, that story of your 'birth' was amazing.
Schlock: Please don't tell anyone, okay?
Schlock: Let's just ask these old-timers if they know where the eye-trees are, and get on with things. Nobody needs to hear about my past. I can trust you, Ennesby, and Nick to keep quiet, right?
Kevyn: It might be a little late for that. I'll have to check with Shv'uu. He's working comms right now, and probably has been relaying all of this to the ship.
Kevyn: Did I forget to mention that we've all got espionage-grade comm. systems in our new suits?
Schlock: If he's already posted it to the hypernet, you're gonna have to find yourself a new communications slug.
Nick: Ooh! I'm on the radio?