Saturday December 29, 2001
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Reverend: Petey, I've come to talk to you about this 'ghost' thing. You say you selected a 'topologically remote' site, and our team found it to be occupied by ancient beings who knew all about sergeant schlock.
Reverend: I propose that these aliens, hiding from the ashes of their fallen civilization, and observing the birth of a new one, also picked the most topologically remote site they could, in order to stay hidden.
Reverend: It's not fate, unseen hands, foreordination, predestiny, restless spirits, or even shallow scripting at work here. It's just a case of 'great minds think alike.'
Petey: Ah. You have a good point. Although the flattery would be more effective if I were not being compared to short, wrinkly things that can knuckle-walk.