Sunday March 3, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: It would appear that someone is about to do something either very selfless or very stupid with a big pile of explosives...
Sign: Schlock Mercenary Presents Famous Last Words
Hob: (thinking) No more primers... No time ta rig a fuse...
Hob: (thinking) Gotta get this bomb 'splodin' now, or all my goopy new friends are dead.A 'Splosive round'll work, but I gotta stand right in front o' the bomb to score a hit...
Hob: (thinking) There's only one thing left to do b'sides pull the trigger.Gotta figure out what to say.
Narrator: Okay, time-out here. Do you really plan to kill yourself this way?
Hob: Yup. Can't think of any way i'd rather go. Now do you wanna leave me to do it in peace? We're burnin' time here.
Narrator: Time's not a problem. I called time-out. The fans are going to be upset at this, you know.
Hob: Yer the narrator. Narrate. Spin it so they're happy.
Narrator: Elf is gonna be pretty upset, too.
Hob: An' she'd be upset if I let the amorphs die.
Narrator: "Hey, y'all! Watch this."
Hob: Watch what?
Narrator: It was a suggestion for your last words.
Hob: I was shootin' for sumthin' profound. Not a punchline.
Narrator: Never mind. We're out of space. Light it up.