Thursday April 4, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Bunni: I'm not sure I should relocate that for you, Nick. I warned you not to pester elf again.
Nick: All I did was tell the Rev that he's marry'n the very most beaut'ful woman in the comp'ny.
Bunni: That's sweet Nick. Let me guess... Elf overheard that comment?
SFX: Fix fix
Nick: Yeah. An' she asked if that put her in secon' place, or dead last.
Bunni: And you, you poor, sweet, silly man, actually tried to answer her? Elf deserved a shot at you for that.
Nick: Elf didn't hit me. I tol' her she was drop-dead gorgeous secon' place, an' any man'd be lucky to date her just once.An' then Chelle came in an' popped me one.That reminds me... Do you know who general principles is?