Friday August 16, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Xinchub: Lord P'd'k'tag, the codes you gave me did not work! I'm trapped in this system!
P'd'k'tag: Let's review our deal, shall we? YOu offered me a 'win-win' scenario, promising to stop this war after a single buuthandi was destroyed, using information that would allow you to overturn the governments of human space - no doubt for your own profit.
Xinchub: But I never got that information! It wasn't where you said it would be!
P'd'k'tag: I never said where. I said what. It's not my fault that your men tore 'Target echo' apart, when they should have been trying to drag it home.At any rate, i've decided to stop the war by destroying all the combatants. It's more traditional, 'win-lose' scenario. You get to lose.