Sunday August 18, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Narrator: Things are not going well for the mercenary superfortress Post-dated Check Loan. 'Petey' has taken heavy damage, and despite his use of collateral damage in unconscionable amounts, he has thus far failed to avoid being herded (along with the surviving 70% of the 'first alliance' navy) into the kill-zone by the swarm of evil munitions.Narrator: Note to sci-fi purists: The sound effect in this panel was provided from the perspective of the F'sherl-ganni aboard the habitat Petey used as a shield, rather than from the perspective of the reader. No email, please.
SFX: Kra-Koom
Petey: Captain, I am picking up a distress signal.
Tagon: Terrific. Are you sure it's not our distress signal?
Petey: Ha Ha. . . The fleet codes check out. It's the Alliance frigate Sarasota. I can shove it in Bay Two without endangering us. Orders, Captain?
Tagon: "Bring it in."
Haban II: Petey! I heard you were trying to catch missiles. Dangerous business, there.
Petey: That's why you are not parked in Bay Three or Four, Haban.
Haban II: I heard. Anyway, it occurred to me that you were going about it all wrong.
Petey: Oh? And I suppose you caught a missile with that frigate?
Haban II: Nope. Trying to catch a missile would be stupid.
Haban II: I successfully caught THREE anti-teraport drones, though. Help me take them apart, and I bet we can all 'port to safety.
Petey: For the record, catching the missile was Kevyn's stupid idea.