Wednesday January 8, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Luna Judge: I just finished listening to a very impassioned plea for the principles of liberty.
Luna Judge: This attorney woke me up, stirred all sorts of patriotic thoughts and guilty feelings within me, yet I had to send him away unrequited.
Luna Judge: This Doyt Gyo person had better be worth all the trouble you're causing.
Xinchub: Do you want us to explain matters in more detail, Your Honor? The information is very sensitive.
Luna Judge: I don't want more liability in your security matters.
Luna Judge: More money would be nice, though.
Xinchub: Oh, that's easy. Shall I just move the decimal point one place to the right, then?
Luna Judge: I can hear those guilty thoughts suffocating under piles of cash even as we speak.