Monday December 30, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan
Note: Those readers inclined to impart some meaning into the purely subjective similarity between Gaffy and former U.S. President Bill Clinton need to pay closer attention to the details that unmistakeably distinguish the two. Gaffy has actually been sent to jail for his indiscretions, and none of them involved cigars.


Narrator: Few things beat being in the County lock-up overnight.
Luna Cop: Court's closed for the night, Gaffy.
Luna Cop: You just sleep it off in here with the rest of the losers. We'll see you in the morning.
Gaffy: You can't do thish ta me! Thish room ish filthy! Look! Thersh a big pile of crap on the bench!
Luna Cop: That's one of your roommates, Gaffy. Better be nice.
Narrator: Sleeping with an amorph is one of those few things.