Sunday January 12, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: Captain Kaff Tagon submits to pressure, and allows the mercenary transport "Serial Peacemaker" to be boarded by government troops.
Tagon: Welcome aboard, gentlemen. Make yourselves at home.
UNS Major: At home? Not hardly.
Tagon: I'm just trying to be hospitable, Major.
UNS Major: Oh it's not that, Captain. You see, if I were to set foot in my home wearing full armor and toting this artillery piece, my wife would kill me.
UNS Major: Okay, then. Enough pleasantries. Where's Doyt Gyo?
DoytHaban: (haban) I'm right here, Major.
UNS soldier (purple): Scan says it's him, but he's had some surgery and some body-mods since his last physical...
DoytHaban: (haban) Cosmetic stuff. I had a scar removed, and my head re-attached.
UNS Major: You need to be more careful. You're an expensive asset, Doyt.
UNS Major: Thank you for your time, Captain. We'll be on our way now.
Tagon: Don't you want Doyt's personal effects?
UNS Major: They're not on my list.
Tagon: An oversight, I'm sure. He's got a very nice suit of powered armor, keyed to the A.I. in his head.

Think "Expensive asset," Major.

UNS Major: Good point. We'll pack that along, too.
Tagon: Here you go. All of his stuff is in this trunk.
UNS Major: Trunk? That looks like a cryokit to me.
Tagon: Oh, you know Doyt. He's got a sick sense of humor.
DoytHaban: (haban) It's rubbed off on you, I see.