Sunday February 2, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: Luna, where the one-sixth gravity can still kill you if you fall far enough...
Schlock: Andy, use your suit to slow us down!
Andy: I'm no good at flight! Have legs do it!
Schlock: Legs is out cold. Her helmet didn't close before we sparrowed that window.
Andy: But she's the one with the bird instincts!
Schlock: And you're the one conscious.
Andy: (thinking) C'mon... Slow the fall, slow the fall...
Andy: I did it! We've slowed down!
Schlock: Uh-oh. Were in the freight lane.
Schlock: Speed up! Speed up!
Narrator: Getting hit by a freight car will kill you in any gravity.