Monday February 24, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan
Plea-bargaining anything down to Grand Spamming is usually a bad idea. As early as the 21st century spammers were already less popular than defense attorneys, door-to-door fragrance salesmen, and the French. By the late 31st century they were held in the same regard as pedophiles and telemarketers.

The stigma was so powerful that Hormel was forced to rename their increasingly unpopular luncheon meat to "SPHLEGM" (Salted, Processed Ham and Lard. Edible? Gag a Maggot!)

Sales skyrocketed.


Xinchub: Obviously you've bribed some bureaucrat to have this license changed. I'm not going to bother reversing that.
Xinchub: I'm here to take care of more important matters, like the fact that one of you is guilty of treason!
Kevyn: Oh, that would be me, right? I'm the one who hypermailed the plans for the teraport to the entire galaxy.
Xinchub: Including known enemies of humanity!
Kevyn: I don't suppose I can plea-bargain down to the lesser charge of 'grand spamming?'