Thursday February 13, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Tagon: We need to be on our way. You're almost done, right?
Oufers: Well, it's like this: Layin' them missile tubes meant we had to de-keel the fore gravy-gun and furl the drive, and that just can't be done safe-like without standing the annies.Fo'c'sle's finished now, so now it's batten and trim below board. Yer Annies've gotta be warbucked cold, of course, but we've got feed 'n seed.
Tagon: You've invented half of those words just to get more money out of me.
Oufers: I'll tell you what: tack on 15 percent for "working really fast" and we'll have you on your way in less'n three hours.