Wednesday February 12, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


UNS Lower-level #1: Every age proofed race ---
Narrator: In the last couple of installments of "Schlock Mercenary" We have observed powerful men, Co-conspirators with long-range plans, discuss their assorted options for execution.
UNS Lower-level 2: The problem seems to lie in ---
Narrator: Unfortunately, we keep tuning in to the middle of their conversations, which leaves us in the dark as to the full extent of these plans. Even the nature of these matters remains mysterious to us.
UNS Lower-level #1: Naturally the solution is --- -ctive --- -als --- -tives. --- can --- -tors --- -ed, --- life can still play in the sand-box of galactic society.
Narrator: Fortunately, We've just tuned in to a pair of lower-level functionaries who are freely discussing the very details we have been missing out on.
Narrator: Unfortunately, in an effort to give their discussions meaningful context, I've gone and covered them upp With these orange boxes of dry narrative.
UNS Lower-level 2: You realize of course that if ------ Than just a shovel to dig our way out.
Narrator: Please accept my apologies. I'll try to keep this from happening again.