Sunday October 5, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Narrator: The Zoojack system got its name from Admiral Breya. The thousands of space-stations belting the central star are all jack-shaped, and are full of life-forms from all over the galaxy, like game preserves.
Unnamed Marine Scout: Sooo... whaddaya see, Bert?
Narrator: The nice thing about game preserves is that they're great places to resupply.
Bert: I found the herd. We're eatin' meat tonight!
Bert: Whoops, hang on. There's a tribe of cat-monkeys stalking our dinner.
Unnamed Marine Scout: The Tarzan gang could be here all day. Let's scare 'em off.
Bert: Affirmative. I'll pop a flash-bang over their heads.
Unnamed Marine Scout: Hang on, won't that...
Unnamed Marine Scout: Scare away the game?
Bert: Oh. Whoopsie.
Unnamed Marine Scout: No offense, but for all the gene-tweaking they've done on you guys, you'd think somebody would've found a way to work around 25,000 years of sneaking up on bananas.