Sunday October 12, 2003
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Narrator: Aboard the zoojack station alpha, Commander Kevyn Andreyasn spends a few moments alone with the head of his security detail.
Kevyn: Schlock, you used to have a crush on my sister, right? How do you feel about her being married now?
Schlock: I'm fine with it.
Kevyn: You're not holding anything back from me, are you?
Schlock: Nope.
Kevyn: You're not repressing anything?
Schlock: I'm not deep enough for that.
Kevyn: You're not harboring any subtle urges to, oh, let's say... incinerate my cyborg brother-in-law?
Haban II: Hey now.
Kevyn: I'm just looking out for you, brother.