Sunday April 24, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part V: Instant Replay


NARRATOR: Welcome back to Mahuitalotu, readers.  The Toughs, of course, are here for the first time.

KEVYN: My little robot is off to save the galaxy.  I could cry.

BUNNIGUS: You softy, I didn't think you had that in you.

KEVYN: Well... he's got our ship.  That's ninety-nine percent of our firepower currently unavailable for the rescue mission I'm supposed to plan.

KEVYN: The tactical situation is horrible.  According to this report, Tagon will be up against a half-dozen retainer troops and as many as twenty elite mercenaries.

KEVYN: Worse, they're all buried under a kilometer of rock and gravitic shielding.

KEVYN: Oh, and three independent anti-teraport systems are going to get cranked up to the point that his only way in or out is compromised.

BUNNIGUS: The teraport is your brain-child, Commander.  Can't you cobble together something scientific?

KEVYN: You mean a "plot device?"  No.

KEVYN: Don't think I haven't considered it, though.  I've been racking my brains trying to come up with some way to reach into that fortress undetected so we could even up the odds.

BUNNIGUS: Twenty elite mercenaries, you said?

KEVYN: They're from "Pranger's Bangers."  Colonel Drake Pranger is there himself, along with his personal honor guard, to close a very rich deal with our captain's target.

BUNNIGUS: But they're mercenaries, right?

KEVYN: Not just any mercenaries... the best in the galaxy.

BUNNIGUS: So... why don't we hire them first?

KEVYN: I...  oh.  Ohhh...