Sunday March 27, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


NARRATOR: The mercenary warship Serial Peacemaker

Her passengers include five unwelcome U.N.S. Marines.

UNS MARINE: Listen, Fuzzy, I don't care who you think you are, but this ship and all aboard it are U.N.S. prisoners.

PETEY: Ah... unfinished business.  First things first.

NARRATOR: Also aboard, one uninvited organic P.D. node.

Oops.  Recount...  Make that four unwelcome U.N.S. Marines.

NARRATOR: Err...  Three.  No, wait.  Two, one... zero.

PETEY: In case it's not already obvious, Kevyn, the U.N.S. is not going to come to it's senses in time to help.

PETEY: I got Athena's message, and verified your data on my own.  Your wormgate plan won't work.

KEVYN: Why not?

PETEY: You won't be able to convert wormgates fast enough.  We need 95,466 active gates in order to siphon the energy out of this baby universe fast enough to stop its growth, and within 22 hours there will only be 92,134 wormgates left

KEVYN: Where did you get these numbers?

PETEY: I commandeered a small sampling of wormgates, and converted them per your instructions.

KEVYN: Small sampling?

PETEY: Four hundred and three.

ENNESBY: Petey, Athena only transmitted that message two hours ago.

KEVYN: You've been busy.

PETEY: You have no idea.