Sunday January 22, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part IV: Touch and Go
Note: The student of marine biology will be quick to point out that the giant squid shown in panel two has about too many tentacles, and not enough arms. The eyes are too close together, and the mantle, funnel, and fin are all shaped very oddly. The overall picture is far to dysmorphic, they might whine, for it to simply be a "cartoon" version of a giant squid.

The non-student of marine biology, the layman, and everybody else just enjoying the pretty pictures should take especial care not to bone up on their Giant Squid Facts, lest they too find themselves complaining.

It follows that this note can be taken in one of two ways: Either the author is foreshadowing regarding the nature of this particular squid, or he goofed up and hopes that with this pre-emptive footnote he can cajole you people to sit back and enjoy the story.

Oh, and stop emailing him about the pressure problems inherent in dangling a deep-sea creature upside down in open air, please. His mailbox is quite full, and is developing pressure problems of its own.


Transcript awaiting review