Wednesday January 25, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part IV: Touch and Go


TAGON: I think we should put all enlisted quarters here, here, and in here.

KEVYN: That's pretty tight.

TAGON: It's a short walk to duty stations in engineering, the aft flight deck, and the aft rec deck. We could cordon off the entire forward blade and nobody would notice.

KEVYN: It looks like they won't need to use the tubeway, or get anywhere near the hull deck.

KEVYN: Our grunts may end up with no idea how big this ship is.

TAGON: Exactly. It's one thing to assign them to less than 1% of the available space, it's another thing entirely to rub their noses in it.

SCHLOCK: I don't have a nose.

KEVYN: ...aaand we're done.