Sunday July 23, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator: "TAG," the A.I. who flies the Mercenary Warship Touch-and-Go, testifies.
TAG: I have evaluated the premise that our company fell victim to a sting operation.
Petey: Please proceed, Tag. You have the full attention of the court.
TAG: The premise fails several tests, including the most simple: There are easier, safer, and more practical ways to run a sting.
TAG: Tactically, then, the sting hypothesis does not make sense.

And yet we have proof of Government misconduct.

TAG: Method and opportunity have both been amply demonstrated. I sought motive.
TAG: So, beginning with the observed end result, I attempted to discover all tactical or strategic scenarios in which the U.N.S. or Celeschul Law Enforcement would want HTRN destroyed and the Toughs held publicly accountable.

TAG: In the last thousand years of human history, there have been numerous violent social upheavals.
TAG: Each of them was preceded by decades of popular entertainment that later generations would consider depraved.

Petey: Tag, do you honestly believe that a U.N.S. civil war could be prevented by destroying "Reality Television?"
TAG: That does not matter. What is important is whether or not human Governments believe it.